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Today i want to talk about one of my biggest things i had to deal with in my life and i want to talk about the grace i found and figured out in my life. As you know life can be taff for all of us, we go trough trauma, pain, challenges and heartbreak. I always wanted to share more of my Story with you guys and my lovely friends and the faith to god pushed me to finally start this blog. Even if my english is far from perfect i decided to write this ,,BOLD GIRL“ story in english cause i want to reach my friends from all over the world as well. When i was 16 years old I left my hometown to start my career as a Hairdresser and that was the time when i missed home very much and depression hit me for the first time. I can write a whole book about how mental health affected me and howi thought i wouldn’t survive this but guess what i did! 10 years later i can say that i am healed and that i refused to take even one pill. I went trough dark nights and felt unable to think,smile or breath but i made it. I had to travel the whole world, checked out RELIGIONS, YOGA RETREATS , GURUS , PSYCHOLOGISTS and AT THE END ? I ENDED UP FINDING GOD AND A FAITH, i never thought i could experience. The day i prayed for real truth and healing was the day when i started to find the light of Jesus and his never-ending GRACE. When i gave him my heart and life it was far away from religious rules or emotional pain. And very close to a JOY and LOVE i really had never experienced before. Having a really low self-esteem from all the rejection I experienced though different events and people in my life i was very weak and insecure. Having the ,,cool“ and ,,strong ,,face“ was my way to handle life, but deep inside i was very lost and depressed. I can tell you it was a long way and a hard one but i made it. I invited the light of life in my life and became a new mind, character, heart and LIFE. If your mind is telling you there is no love,healing,and grace possible i hope you just try for once to pray for the truth of life and you will be amazed how your life will start to transform and how god will slowly open you eyes…

Darling you are always one decision away from LOVE, you know you can surprise yourself. SO please let go and surprise yourself !

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